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*Not actually a storm drain.*

Storm Drain is a track unveiled in Episode 8.

Description Edit

Storm Drain shares it's map with Power Plant and even has the same red warehouse power play which, in Power Plant, is accessible after the second turn. However, Storm Drain starts in a storm drain, which contains a good amount of power plays useful for slowing down the progress of most opponents.

This map is available for the game modes Race, Elimination, Detonator, Onslaught, and Deadline. Technically, it is also available for Survival. (See Storm Drain Speedway)

Power Plays and Route Changers Edit

Storm Drain's power play set is based on industrial and environmental accidents and explosions.

This map has no route changers and 1 shortcut. However, the tall, thin smokestack from Power Plant makes a return in Storm Drain, and can technically be considered a route changer.

Trivia Edit

  • Power Plant's smoke stacks can be seen in the distance, and unlike the ones in Power Plant itself, they can be seen producing smoke.
  • An RV park called "Jay's" can be seen in the first corner in a fenced area.