The Ryback Mohawk is an unlockable vehicle in Split/Second, and will be given to the player during the career. Its styling is reminiscent to a modernised representation and hybrid of the first-generation Chevrolet Camaro and Plymouth Barracuda, whilst having a slightly more sleek design and race-spec exterior upgrades.

Description Edit

"The Mohawk is a neat, well-balanced all-rounder. It has had its suspension balanced specially for drifting, making it incredibly stable in slides."

Stats Edit

All stats are rated on a scale of 1-10.

Speed: 2

Drift: 7

Strength: 5

Acceleration: 3

Performance Edit

The Mohawk is a considerable, albeit mild, upgrade from its underling, the Brawler, sharing only its level of durability, but improving elsewhere. As indicated by its description, it still retains a balanced power distribution, adding to it a more respectable top speed and acceleration in its class. Opposite of its description, however, its drifting stability may prove a handful to novice drivers, and will take more of a learning curve to control than that of the Brawler.