Power Plant is a racing track in Split/Second game filled with tight turns and industrial explosions

Power Plant shares it's map with Storm Drain. However, the race starts in Power Plant and gives you good amount of powerplays to deal with opponents.

Power Plant map is available for Race, Detonator, Elimination and Deadline. Technically it is also available for Survival mode(see Warehouse Strip)

PowerPlays and Route ChangersEdit

  • The Power Plant map has three level 2 powerplays which includes a tall thin smokestack, a warehouse and two cooling towers
  • This map doesn't have route changers.


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Split Second Race - Power Plant

Split Second Race - Power Plant


  • The warehouse powerplay and thin smokestack powerplay also make appearance in the Storm Drain race.
  • Thin smokestack powerplay which is triggered as level 2 powerplay can be considered as 'shortcut'!

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