Port Bridge is a map introduced in the 2nd Season.

Description Edit

Port Bridge is a fairly slim and straight-forward map, with a lot of car-based explosions to knock enemies off course. Helicopters maintaining a stable altitude provide the player with explosive-drops, available through a Power Play, causing a great deal of splash damage to anyone nearby.

This map is available to play for the gamemodes Race, Detonator, Elimination, Air Strike/Revenge, Onslaught, and Deadline.

Power Plays & Route Changers Edit

Port Bridge relies on car-based explosions and outside forces for its Power Plays.

This map has 1 Route Changer and 3 Shortcuts.

Trivia Edit

  • The bridge connecting to the map Ferry Wharf can be seen. 
  • Dry Dock's boat can be seen when passing the U-shaped road belonging to that map.
  • The aircraft carrier from Ferry Wharf can be seen, but its location is very different than where it's actually located.
  • Trains and carts along the edge of the map can also be seen in Ferry Wharf and Dry Docks.
  • The cargo ship in Dry Docks from the beginning is seen ahead after the first turn.