The Events in Split/Second are different game modes that each have their own requirements and ways to play.


Race - A standard multi-lap race against seven other rivals.

Survival - A survival race that requires players to overtake Big Rigs to gain as many points as possible within the time limit.

Elimination - A time-based race against other rivals in which every last place opponent is eliminated from the game after certain time intervals.

Detonator - A race in which the racer attempts to complete a single lap on a course where most Power Plays are automatically detonated in sequence along the track.

Elite Race - A season-exclusive event where the player must compete against the Split/Second Elites, the seven most powerful single player opponents.

Air Strike - A single racer is pitted against the Split/Second attack helicopter on a survival run through the track.

Air Revenge - Similar to Air Strike, only this time the objective is to take down the helicopter as fast as possible.

Onslaught* - An intense mix of Race and Airstrike, with the main goal being staying ahead of others to gain points while avoiding missiles.

Deadline* - A timed mix of Detonator and Race where collecting pickups sprawled across the map stop time for a short duration while Power Plays automatically trigger ahead of the player.

DLC Gamemodes are marked with a (*).