Ferry Wharf is a map introduced in the 2nd Season.


Ferry Wharf has many tight curves useful for long drifts and staying ahead of enemies. Helicopters around the map provide explosive backup for the player, while 360 degree explosions are useful for taking out a large chunk of rivals in front of you. 

This map is available to play for the gamemodes Race, Detonator, Elimination, and Deadline.

Power Plays & Route ChangersEdit

Ferry Wharf features great deals of large-radius explosions and enviromental triggers.

This map has 2 Route Changers and 1 Shortcut.


  • The shortcut in this map is the same as in Port Bridge.
  • In the beta, Ferry Wharf was originally going to have a night version of the track. This can be seen in the opening scene of the game, as well as beta footage showcasing it. (Footage:
  • It's possible to get out of the map when going fast enough and triggering the ferry-warehouse crash route changer. When going at just the right speed, the collision causes a small wooden ramp that normally would cause a crash can be used to launch the player up and over the invisible barriers surrounding the map.
  • This map technically has 3 different routes, but only 2 route changers. When activating the route changer that causes the aircraft carrier to sink, going through it the first time will launch the player on top, but after a lap is completed, the player will then instead be launched inside of the carrier instead of the top, providing a slightly different route for a few seconds.
  • The trains and carts in this map can also be seen in Port Bridge and Dry Docks.
  • After triggering the Cruise Ship route changer, the crane that it hits has a delayed collapse. Sparks fly on the boxes about two seconds early before the crane arm lands.