Expressway is a map introduced in the 5th Season "Hit The Skids."

Description Edit

Expressway is a map heavily based around Construction Site, Downtown Central, Port Bridge, and Dry Docks, with the majority of the time being driven on a freeway or road. 

This map is available to play for the gamemodes Race, Detonator, Elimination, and Deadline. 

Power Plays & Route Changers Edit

Expressway's power plays are based around industrial and tight-spaced explosives.

This map has Route Changer.

Trivia Edit

  • In the beta version, Expressway was going to have 3 laps instead of two.
  • There was a taxi powerplay right before the Garage Pier powerplay in the beta version.
  • The Helicopter and Dump Truck powerplay is shared with Construction Site. However activating it will have a slight replay camera displacement, missing music audio, and additional scraping effects on the dump truck.
  • Most of Construction Site and Downtown Central can be seen from this map.
  • This map has a section exactly the same as Construction Site, though you are driving the opposite way.
  • If activating the Route Changer very late, and with enough luck, the player can slip under the white train car and pass through the tanker cars and continue with the original route. However doing so will spawn you back at the changed course.
  • In the Split/Second Demo, Expressway’s time is Day instead of Dusk. This is also seen in Hit The Skids version of Expressway.