Dry Docks is a map based in the Industrial part of the Split/Second Universe. It shares its map with Port Bridge and Ferry Wharf.

Description Edit

Dry Docks mostly consists of straight line strips of road and a few curves and turns. The large turns makes it great to drift and build up the Power Meter. Its Power Plays deal a great amount of damage, from an Industrial Tower toppling over the players to the boats that leave the players into pieces. It is based around environmental damage and can cause much disaster.

Power Plays & Route Changers Edit

Dry Docks has a total of 3 route changers and 2 shortcuts that follow when a Route has been altered:

*The Cargo Ship in the beginning of the race.

*The unfinished cargo ship mid way through the race, can have its engine dropped first, and leading to a shed shortcut after passing the propane structures. The second change has the ship dropped completely and skids along its launch slot, into the water ahead, creating a jump and leading to a crate shortcut ahead.

Trivia Edit

  • The Aircraft Carrier can be seen near the starting point of the race but it's not in the position as in Ferry Wharf.
  • Dry Docks and Airport Terminal are the only two races that both have a total of 3 route changers.
  • The White Boat shares its powerplay with Port Bridge, only if the Cargo Ship route changer has been triggered.
  • The road near the unfinished ship is shared with Port Bridge as well, but the turn on the left is blocked off.