Drifting is a core driving mechanic in Split/Second, which involves deliberately inducing one's car into a controlled oversteer. It is one of the fastest ways to gain Power, and can also be used to cut time in certain corners.


All cars vary in drifting requirements, but the very basics are as follow:

  • Go past a certain speed
  • Begin steering into the corner
  • Shortly after beginning to steer, apply the brakes (how long you hold the brake down depends on the car)
  • Once the car loses grip in the rear wheels, apply throttle again

If done correctly, the car will begin sliding through a corner and gain power.


While drifting is faster in certain situations compared to taking a corner normally, it is not the fastest in every case. The technique is to be initiated before corner entry, so that the car's inertia does not send it careening towards the next wall.

In addition, it is comparatively easy to start a drift than to maintain it; this requires delicate throttle control - too little and the car loses speed and stops drifting, too much and it will kiss the wall.

Shallow corners, such as the last one on Airport Terminal, are great places to perform full throttle drifting if you are in a generous lead or you are close to filling up the Power Gauge and need a little more Power to activate a Power Play.

All cars have varying statistics, including Drift ratings. The higher the rating, the easier it is to control it through drifts and the tighter it hugs corners. The Ryback Brawler and Hanzo GT, for instance, are prime candidates for heavy drifters. Remember that not all cars drift the same, and those with similar score will behave differently (Ryback Coyote will tend to head into walls if one cannot control the throttle, whereas the Ryback Brawler has less of a chance to do so).

Passing opponents while drifting will offer a substantial bonus to the Power Gauge, so slide past rivals when you get the chance.