Downtown Central is a map introduced in the 1st Season.


Downtown Central is a map with a lot of tight alleyways and curves, with some open spaces. The majority of the time, the player is driving on a freeway or a road.

This map is available to play in the gamemodes Race, Detonator, Elimination, Air Strike/Revenge, Onslaught, and Deadline.

Power Plays & Route ChangersEdit

Downtown Central has many Power Plays revolving around over-passes, buildings, and car explosions. 

This map has Route Changer.


  • This map shares its design with Construction Site and Expressway.
  • The Bayside Convention Center Tower can be seen from Airport Terminal.
  • Almost all of Construction Site can be seen throughout the map.
  • The Expressway train route changer can be seen in the distance, but its location greatly differs than its appearance in Construction Site or the Expressway map itself.
  • There is a movie theater named MCN'O Cinema that features movies with many play-on-words such as Gone With The Car (Gone With The Wind), Fast Side Story (West Side Story), and 2010: A Race Odyssey (2010: A Space Odyssey).