OFFICIAL Split Second Construction Site - Race

OFFICIAL Split Second Construction Site - Race

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The Construction Site ahead, going down the straight-away.

Construction Site is a map introduced in the 1st Season. 


Construction Site and Downtown Central are both basically very similar; both featuring very similar power plays and layout. 

This map is available to play for the gamemodes Race, Detonator, Elimination, airstrike and Deadline. 

Power Plays & Route ChangersEdit

Construction Site's power plays are based around environmental and industrial explosions, though mostly based around Downtown Central's powerplays.

This map has no Route Changers, but has 1 Shortcut which is only accessable if the player activates 3 power plays for an unfinished construction building, which causes a crane to topple over on a trolley overpass, allowing the player to skip most of the final parts of the map.


  • This map is very unique in the way that it is the only map to have a shortcut only accessable by having the player activate 3 power plays.
  • All of Downtown Central can be seen from this map.
  • The Expressway train route changer can be seen, but the road leading to it is not visible.
  • This map has a section exactly the same as Expressway, though you are driving the opposite way. The Gas Station power play.