Airplane Graveyard is map that is set close to the Canyon race map. It shares some of its elements to its other race map.

Description Edit

The course is set in the countryside/desert section of the Split/Second universe. Abandoned aircrafts fill the empty landscapes of the course in certain places. From start to finish, the racers go through many curves and turns and a few straightaways.

Power Plays & Route Changers Edit

There are no route changers on this map, and only two shortcuts are available:

  • The tail piece of a cargo plane held up by two cranes.
  • Large pipes held up by a truck on the side.

Trivia Edit

  • The Canyon's Dam can be widely seen in the distance from the start of the race to the Train Bridge route, as well as Canyon's route leading to the Dam can be seen as well.
  • The gasoline truck powerplay along with the course's second shortcut is shared with Canyon's map as well.
  • The bridge leading to the shortcut can be fully viewed when driving away from the Airplane Graveyard section, on the left side.
  • The course also shares it's Train Bridge Power Play but due to only having two laps, it can be triggered twice and not a third.
 *It can be triggered a third time if the player stops and triggers both power plays on the first lap.
  • After activating the power play with the helicopter carrying the decomissioned plane cockpit, one can look back and see the helicopter come to a stop. It's rotor will continue to move.